Quarantine Coping: Anxiety? Overwhelming Thoughts? Unmotivated?

Quarantine Coping: Anxiety? Overwhelming Thoughts? Unmotivated? How are you guys doing, really?

As we’ve been hunkered down for nearly a month/ a month and a half for some, the mental, physical and emotional effects that can have on us can be a lot to handle.

Feelings of isolation, anxiety, melancholy, sadness, being unmotivated, being super hard on ourselves, and feeling overwhelmed by it all - You are not alone in experiencing these emotions and mental states.

So many of us are going through it right now and while this is just my humble experience - I share this with you in hopes of helping you feel less alone, less isolated, and offer little helpful things I’ve been doing to cope with it all.

I hope this message finds you well 💛

Wishing warm and calm energy to you all



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