Holistic Health Coaching vs Personal Training, Therapy & a Nutritionist

You'll definitely want to bookmark this one! ⁠⠀

Did you know a Health Coach can support you in many ways a Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Therapist can? ⁠⠀


Did you also know Health Coaches, like myself, work WITH these awesome wellness professionals that may already be in your life to ensure your health and wellbeing are looked at from every angle? ⁠⠀


I've personally benefitted from all 3 of these professionals in the past (currently in therapy, as many of you know how big a mental health advocate I am) but if you are someone who doesn't know where to start or perhaps restart (corona messed with so many of our habits, no judgment!) Reach out to book a free intro session with me - See what it's like to have more support in your life and an advocate for your all-around wellbeing.⁠⠀


(Also, Let me know if this offered insight & value as to how I help people as a coach 🤗 and/or if you are a Nutritionist/ Trainer/ or Therapist who wants to team up for referrals)⁠⠀

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