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The Renewal Series

Imagine yourself without the bloat, without the aches and pains... completely transformed - in body & mind alike. Wouldn't you like to meet that version of yourself?   

  12 Weeks of  1:1 Holistic Wellness Coaching   

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What if I told you that your relationship with your body and your mindset could be better than it's ever been at the end of the next 3 months?

Not by taking any diet pills

or going to extremes

or as a temporary fix

or even struggling to make it through the day, alone.

But through learning the  foods + wellness rituals your body craves

And having the right support to guide you every day.

After struggling with an eating disorder, body dysmorphia, depression, and anxiety for 5 years, I know firsthand how draining, consuming, and trapped you can begin to feel in your body and by your everyday negative thoughts

It is through overcoming some of the darkest days of my life, trying crash diet after diet hoping to cure my chronic bloat and neck pain that I am humbled to help you work through your struggles on your journey to holistic wellbeing. I'm here to help you with the tools, knowledge, and judgment-free space needed to foster sustainable habits for a healthier gut and reducing chronic inflammation leading to a complete renewal of self.

This program goes beyond the surface of everything you've ever been told about nutrition and fitness and helps you uncover the truth when it comes to what actually works for your body, best supports your mental health and your overall life.



“After struggling with some health problems that could not be solved medicinally, I sought dietary changes and personal training as my cure. Little did I know, I would find a whole lot more with Kami Reyna. When I first met with Kami I knew she was different. I was busy body shaming telling her everything I hated about myself, and she was busy correcting my negativity from the get-go. As not only a mentor but a friend, she constantly provides guidance, motivation and emotional support throughout this experience. Some days I don’t even show up for me. I do it for her. That’s the power of reliability. And that only truly exist when you have that type of rapport with someone."

Ashley P.

"You believe in me more than I believe in myself"

Olga M.

"It has been so amazing working with you the last couple of years and I am looking forward to many more (hopefully!) Im grateful for all the healthy coping techniques you have helped me develop. They've truly improved how I feel in my body and in my mind." 

Kelly G.

This program is for you if:

👉🏼You'd love to learn how to support your body and mind through nutrition and movement

👉🏼 You are struggling to eat meals without feeling uncomfortably bloated (you may even be eating "clean" already)

👉🏼You've been experiencing random aches and pains (hello low back pain from sitting all day 👩‍💻) and don't know how to deal other than Advil (is an Advil influencer a thing? 😅) 

👉🏼You're tired of playing guessing games, trying diet after diet, wasting money on shakes, supplements, and outrageous workout plans that are hard to follow, overwhelming  & still haven't relieved your painful bloating.

👉🏼You've been feeling stressed, anxious, stuck, and drained from this pandemic and could use someone to help get you out of your own head.

👉🏼 You battle with the body you see in the mirror and want to change the way you view and speak to yourself

👉🏼 You think personal development is awesome, but reading books, listening to podcasts or trying to do it all on your own hasn't gotten you the sustainable results you've wanted 

👉🏼 You are really ready to show up with an open mind, take direction and do the work in order to see your mindset and body image the healthiest it's ever been
👉🏼 You feel like we just vibe, even if we've never met! 

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are being treated for a life-threatening mental or physical health concern (ie: an eating disorder)

  • You are not willing to take direction and put in the time or effort outside your coaching sessions in order to see results

  • You strongly dislike personal development, mindfulness, affirmations, or being silly every once and a while

  • You don't consider yourself to be open-minded


Now picture yourself knowing exactly:

🎉What to wear and eat because you're no longer worried about bloat & cramps

 🎉Not reaching for over-the-counter pain meds at the end of the day because back pain?? We don't know her!

🎉 How to manage and decrease stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk

🎉 How to  prioritize your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing even with a busy schedule

🎉 How to consciously love yourself, your body and feel radiant in your skin 

🎉 How to continue everything you learn throughout the rest of 2022... and your life

Let's Talk Structure

Month 1

This month is all about exploring your health origin. We will dive deep into your past, inner child work, and uncovering where your behaviors, patterns, and defaults stem from. This will be vital information when it comes to understanding and exploring the rest of your health journey.  We will also game plan what to remove, replace and repair for the rest of your journey.​​

Month 2

In the second month, we will focus on the game plan getting specific exploring what foods, styles of eating, movement, and wellness rituals truly support your being and healing as a whole. You'll have a clear understanding of what irritants are contributing to bloating / gut dysbiosis, and what aggravates those aches and pains as we begin adding in gut supportive/anti-inflammatory foods, dialing in on your mobility and spiritual practices.

Month 3

Month three is all about solidifying. We will continue to work on mastering your routines and rituals. This month is the final piece of the puzzle that will allow you to walk away from the program with the resilience, confidence & clarity you need to apply your newfound wisdom week to week, at the office, out with friends, and throughout the rest of your life.

Over the next 12 weeks you'll receive:

✨ Twelve 1:1 Coaching Sessions via live video or phone call ( 1 session a week for 3 months), including mindfulness each session

✨  A personalized plan of action consisting of the exact gut supportive/anti-inflammatory rituals that will best support your mental/ physical health and lifestyle

✨ Mindset guidance, accountability & emotional support (unlimited access to me via email outside our 1:1 sessions)

✨ Meal Planning, Recipes, food samples & grocery shopping help

✨ Workout planning including a comprehensive goal & progress tracker

✨ Book/ podcast suggestions, worksheets & more

BONUS GIFT: An exclusive welcome basket filled with warm, good smelling, coziness mailed to you the first week of your program


Taking back my health & awakening deep self-love through discovering how to truly nourish my mind and body saved my life and my relationships on so many different levels.

I was finally able to fully appreciate and admire my body. I was able to get out of bed excited for the day instead of dreading the pain I'd be in. I was thinking clearly and positively about myself - my future, and I was able to get back the joy in doing all the things I used to love... I felt like a completely different person, renewed as the version of myself I always pictured...

And now I'm humbled to help you do the exact same.

Reclaim your body, your mindset, and transform into a completely renewed version of your highest & healthiest self.

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