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Hi, I'm Kamela, Holistic Health & Self Love coach.

I help humans uncover the root of their wellbeing concerns. Whether that be dietary issues, de-motivation/ lack of physical activity, or simply managing a chaotic life so their health and wellness become a priority. Taking a holistic approach (mind, body & spiritual nourishment) allows clients to focus not only on healing their body & mindset but their entire being as a whole aka cultivating conscious self-love.

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Origin Series

Gain valuable insight during these 3 calls as we unpack your health origin- how patterns from your childhood, adolescence, diet/experiences are still impacting your wellbeing today.

Health & Self Love Coaching

Love your naked self: Learn what foods & rituals  are right for your unique body in order to look & feel how you've always wanted to -  Confident & Powerful

Mobility Training

The accountability and guidance needed to stay active in your own home via my 6 week 1:1 program that will have you feeling good in your body again.

Kamela Celeste
Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, Functional Trainer & Podcast Host

I specialize in working with clients:

- Looking for body confidence (Whether that is via sustainable weight loss, weight gain/ muscle gain, or just simply feeling radiant accepting your naked self)

- Looking to live longer & prevent illness by exploring new habits (ex: going plant-based/ consuming less meat, gluten/dairy-free, getting more exercise, meditation etc.) 

- Those looking to support their mental health through holistic nourishment (including those cleared with a history of disordered eating, mild anxiety, and depression.)

The Mindfully Lifted Podcast

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The Mindfully Lifted Project is a community and audio program for holistic-minded humans. Dedicated to exploring Wellness, Philosophy, Spirituality, Personal Development and more.

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