Guiding holistic-minded humans to move & eat 

for mental wellbeing

Hi, I'm Kamela, Holistic Health Coach & Herbalist in training.

I help millennials like you get to the origin of their wellbeing concerns. Learn to improve your gut health, lower inflammation, eat and move to strengthen your mental wellbeing.

It is time to show up in your life exactly how you want to - vibrant, energized and empowered.

Taking a holistic coaching approach (mind, body & spirit) allows you to focus not only on nourishing your body but supporting yourself as a whole human.

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Reformer Pilates Instructor





Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach

Pure Barre Instructor Training

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Origin Series

Gain valuable insight during these four calls as we unpack your health origin- getting to the root of how childhood patterns and poor gut health are impacting your wellbeing today

Renewal Series

Transform yourself completely.

 Uncover what foods & rituals  best support your mental wellbeing  and unique body  in order to look & feel how you've always wanted to -  Confident & Powerful

At Home HIIT & Pilates

The accountability and guidance needed to stay active in your own home via my 6 week 1:1 program that will have you feeling good in your body again.

Kamela Celeste

I specialize in working with clients:

- Looking to improve gut health & lower inflammation through refining and exploring new habits 

- Those looking to support their mental wellbeing through holistic nourishment (including those cleared with a history of disordered eating, mild anxiety, and depression.)

- Looking for body confidence (Whether that is via sustainable weight loss, weight gain/ muscle gain, or just simply feeling radiant accepting your naked self)

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